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Mesh bag- To wash delicate laundry Mesh bag- To wash delicate laundry

  • Mesh wash bag with zipper for lingerie, underwear, and other delicate items.
  • Protects delicate clothing
  • Use while traveling as a small secure laundry bag

Our Price: $4.45

Wool Dryer Balls ~ Reusable & Affordable Natural Fabric Softener * Saves Time * Reduces static electricity! * Soften your laundry and reduce wrinkles! * * * Healthier for your family.

Included is a bottle of lavender essential oil. For a nice calming scent use 3-4 drops on each dryer ball let set an hour or place in a pillow case to avoid staining the laundry. With use the dryer balls may become stained this will not interfere with their performance.

Our Price: $15.95
Enzyme Spray Enzyme Spray

Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray (22 fl oz) * Contains plant-derived enzymes that safely break down stains and odors. * Does not contain any cleaning agents that may cause allergic reactions, skin irritation or fumes. * Is biodegradable. * Features 100% recyclable plastics This environmentally friendly enzyme spray uses enzymes and proteins derived from vegetables and fruits to eliminate stains and odors. These enzymes break down the molecular structure of stains and odors without harming fabric. This spray is unscented, hypoallergenic and all-natural. Ingredients: Water, oxidoreductases, transferases, lyases, hydrolases, isomerases and ligases. Recommended Use: To eliminate organic odors: spray into air or directly onto odor-causing source such as shoes, clothing, bed linens, upholstery, carpet, auto interiors, etc. To eliminate organic stains: spray on stained area, let product sit, then blot stain until gone. (More difficult organic stains may require more than one application.) I personally like adding essential oils.
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Our Price: $19.55