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The E-Power increases cell energy, balances pH, enhances oxygen reserves, boosts metabolism, circulation, enhances antibodies, increases bone strength, improves nerve function, digestion and elimination, rejuvenates skin and uplifts us mentally and emotionally as well. Filled with negative ions and greater cell energy, we are drawn to a lifestyle in greater harmony with the earth and with less reliance on artificial stimulants.
Suitable for use:
Healthy people – To maintain good health, bringing youth, energy and vitality.
Sub healthy people – Improve fitness and health. Enhancing and normalizing body system.
Non healthy people – Allow yourselves to regain good health with E-Power
Benefits derive from E-Power usage
1) Helps increase detoxification
2) Anti-inflammation and pain reduction
3) Beauty and slimming
4) Reduction of blood sugar level in body and improve diabetes
5) Enhance body immune system and improve self cure abilities
6) Activates cells and increase oxygen storage capacity
7) Improves digestive system and constipation
8) Purification of blood and PH level maintain. Lower blood pressure
9) Balance of Autonomic (Central nerves)
10) Enhance metabolism and reduce atherosclerosis

The main idea behind E-Power is to help the human body improve its capacity for recovery, build a strong immunologic system and ensure continuous cell reactivation. If your cells are in good shape, your organs and body systems work better.

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